The Theatre Suite – Maximum Capacity 300

The largest of our suites is the Theatre Suite – it’s a stunning room with a capacity of 300 with varied style seating and tables. Featuring a large professional sized stage, this suite will work exceptionally well for those requiring a bigger space for their reception with a large number of guests.
This suite works perfectly for those individuals who will be featuring live entertainment as a highlight of the evening, as the stage area accommodates bands or vocal groups easily and the acoustics of the room are similar to that of an old style concert room, which was how the suite was originally built. With stylish and appropriate wedding décor to match, the Theatre Suite is almost unique locally in both size and character and for those people wanting the ‘wow’ effect, this suite will most certainly satisfy that criteria!

The Fosters Suite – Maximum Capacity 120

The Fosters Suite is a perfect sized room for the majority of weddings and private parties, with ample spacing for tables and a dance floor alike including access to our garden and patio area. Live entertainment or a DJ can be easily incorporated into this suite with a perfect area at the end of the rectangular room for a band or group to set up. With maximum space for 150 guests seated at our stylish round tables, the Fosters Suite is a great choice for the majority of people who require a usual sized party for their wedding. Like all our suites, we have a bar in the room which means your guests will be centralised for the evening.
The stylish and contemporary décor of the Fosters Suite will incorporate a wedding, corporate function, engagement, birthday or private party perfectly and will provide a beautiful backdrop for your event.
The Fosters Suite Main Seating

The Belasis Suite – Maximum Capacity 120

The smallest of our suites (though still by no means small!) is the Belasis Suite, with a capacity of 120 guests seated. We can provide different lay outs with tables, either the rounds which hold up to 12 people seated per table or a different style with long rectangular table blocks to suit each individual party requirement. A live band or a DJ can easily be incorporated, with the perfect space at one of the room and still room for a dance floor for your guests and also providing access to our garden and patio area.
Like our other suites, the Belasis suite is stylishly decorated and we can easily provide different colour schemes if required to suit your individual requirements.